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We believe everyone deserves to be, and can be wealthy. Our team included.

All about us as a company

As a leading millennial financial literacy company, we provide actionable trainings, classes, content and consulting on all things financial and wealth-building.

Our signature courses The Finances Demystified Bootcamp and The Wealth Transfer Investing Course has helped thousands and thousands of people learn long-term strategies to achieve financial freedom, rock their lifestyle goals and set future generations up for success.

Thinking about a career with Finances Demystified?

There’s some things you should know first…

  • Our founder, Dominique Broadway, is an award-winning personal finance coach, speaker and financial expert.
  • We are a remote team with a strong belief in working smarter not harder.
  • We utilize the tools and technology available today to streamline processes and get work done faster, so there’s more time for the things we love such as traveling and investing!
  • We are growing rapidly and have a need for outside-the-box, top-notch, self-motivated individuals who share our belief that financial literacy matters.